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prenatal yoga


Sunday’s, 1:30 p.m. at Source Yoga includes experience sharing, deep breathing, balance, pelvic floor and core strengthening, centering, de-stressing, and flexibility to your physical being. All with an eye toward your holistic health and the wellbeing of you and your baby.  Ask Kelly for a first class free coupon.



Yoga means “to yoke” in Sanskrit. In other words, the practice of yoga ‘yokes together’ or unifies mind, body & spirit. The idea of unifying mind, body and spirit is especially important when you are pregnant in order to unite and strengthen mind, body and spirit as you prepare for giving birth.




Class begins with deep rhythmic breathing. Not only is this calming, but the deeper intake of oxygen is very beneficial to you (especially your bones and muscles) and toeasy pose your growing baby.

After we breathe and warm up muscles, we will do some light stretching, then shift into gentle yoga, before we cool down in savasana (final resting pose). Our poses have been adapted so that you will not too deeply stretch or damage the important supportive muscles of the abdomen and pelvic region.





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You do not need to have prior yoga experience to enjoy prenatal yoga – and mats and props are provided. Looking forward to seeing you Monday’s for Prenatal Yoga at Home4Birth.



Lauren Windel Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Lauren Windle Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor


Namaste ~

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