by Susana Fierro-Baig

Child within me, the Lord has created you. He has formed your body, and you are his.

When you pass through the waters He will be with you and you will not be harmed. He is the Lord, thy God, thy Saviour. You are precious in His sight. He loves you.

Let us not fear, for our Redeemer is with us. He will bring you forth safely. He will protect us from harm if we take upon us His name, for he created us to glorify Him.
We will be blessed with health, strength, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.With his gentle, loving hands he will deliver you without interference from anyone.

I will not be afraid of your birth, for I know that the Lord created me to be a mother. My body knows what to do to assist the Lord as He delivers you out of my womb.

Together we will work to bring you into this world without pain. The water that now protects you will carry you out and I will open myself up to you.

The feelings of love, joy, and peace will escort you on your journey. When you are ready to join us in the world, we will welcome you.

Your father and I have been honored with stewardship over you. He has placed you in our care that we may love you and teach you His word.

Your father is eager to hold you in his arms. I am eager to bring you to my bosom and nurse you. We look forward to your arrival, yet we will not grow impatient in waiting for your birth-day. We do not want you to be born before you are fully ready.

Your father and I will not be fearful. God has promised us that if we do not fear and are obedient to His commands, He will pour His spirit upon you and His blessings.

Our family will praise and honor Him for the blessing of your birth, and the miracle of your life, giving thanks with song.

Birth empowering Statements

Joyful birthing

  1. I enjoy giving birth to my babies
  2. I enjoy the process of birth
  3. I enjoy the dance of birth
  4. I choose a joyous birth for my family
  5. I laugh my baby into the world
  6. Giving birth is a creative act, full of orgasmic feeling and joy
  7. I deserve a joyful birth
  8. I give birth in joyful bliss

Safe & Loving Birth

  1. I enjoy safe and loving births with my babies
  2. My body is made to give birth in safety and love
  3. I give birth in safety and in love
  4. I am filled with love
  5. I trust my body to birth my baby safely
  6. The more faith I have in myself, the safer my birth will be
  7. The more faith I have in myself, the more loving my birth will be
  8. The more faith I have in my baby, the safer my birth will be

Healthy Baby, Healthy Birth

  1. My body is made to give birth
  2. My baby is blessed with abundant health
  3. My child is whole, my child is well, my child is healthy
  4. My body is healthy and strong
  5. I am whole, I am well, I am birthing
  6. My baby is healthy and strong
  7. I radiate health and love
  8. Relax and breathe

Empowered Childbirth

  1. I open like a rose, in my own time and way
  2. I give birth comfortably and easily
  3. I trust my body, she knows just what she’s doing
  4. I trust in my ability to birth my baby
  5. I have faith in my ability to birth my baby
  6. I choose a simple, peaceful, joyous and pleasurable birth
  7. I am confident and ready to welcome my baby
  8. I relax my mind and my body
  9. My body is perfectly designed to give birth safely
  10. The path from my womb to my arms is safe, short and wide open
  11. My body opens, my mind quiets, my baby descends
  12. I am in control of my birth and my choices
  13. I listen to my body and my baby
  14. I honor my baby and my body
  15. I am relaxed, peaceful and calm
  16. All thoughts recede from my mind as my body gives birth with ease

Wild & Free Birth

  1. I relax and allow my birth to unfold in its own time
  2. I free my mind, my body and my birth
  3. I am proud of my body’s ability to give birth
  4. I feel free to dance, cry, vomit, sing, moan, shout and sweat as I give birth. I am free to be wild
  5. Birth is a primal dance, I give birth well
  6. Birth is wild, free and primal. I embrace it.
  7. I am free to birth my way
  8. My body will give birth in its own time, easily and comfortably

Comfort Measures

  1. My body opens like a flower in bloom
  2. I breathe slowly and evenly. Inhaling peace, exhaling tension
  3. Each wave of labor brings me closer to holding my baby in my arms
  4. Squat, roll, kneel, moan, dance, shower, hang, breathe, sit, sing or sway the baby out
  5. Drink and pee. Stay hydrated but keep the bladder empty.
  6. Embrace the sensations and thank them for bringing your baby into your arms
  7. I am free to breathe deeply, pant, moan and freely express myself through each wave of labor
  8. Relaxed, peaceful and open

For Husbands in Birth

  1. I trust in her ability to give birth easily I listen, I trust, I support, I love
  2. I am an important part of this birth, I am important to my family
  3. My woman is strong and capable of birthing our child
  4. I create a safe place for my baby to be born into
  5. I offer support to my wife and my family
  6. I remind her to relax and trust the process of birth
  7. I quiet myself and listen to her

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