Herb Bath


Postpartum Herbal Bath:

1 bulb garlic
½ c. uva-ursi
½ c. shepherd’s purse
½ c. comfrey
½ c. sea salt


  • Put large pot of water on to boil add the sea salt.
  • Peel and cut garlic.
  • Put the remaining ingredients in a large homemade tea bag (can be a tube sock or panty hose tied or sewn)
  • Put large tea bag in pot.
  • Bring to a boil and keep at a fuzzy boil for at least 20 minutes. (More water can always be added as long as it boils)
  • When ready to use take two forks or a pair of tongs and ring out VERY HOT herbal brew tea bag. (Can put in the freezer you should get two baths out of each large tea bag)

Suggested Uses:

  • Hot Compresses during the birth (if on land) to increase circulation to perineum so that there is less chance of tearing also to helps guide pushing efforts.
  • Herb baths (one after birth and one to two per day for the first three to four days). Please clean out the tub prior to mom and baby getting in each time! Add pot of boiled water to lukewarm bath full to Mom’s hips. Mom is in for the first 15 minutes and then baby comes in for the next 15 minutes. (Mom is in a total of ½ hour.)
  • Dip your favorite pads and freeze for ice cold herbal compresses if desired.
  • To put some in a jar for liquid to wet a soft cloth to clean meconium off of baby.

Benefits Include:

  • Decreases chance of any type of infection.
  • Decreases swelling (perineum, hemorrhoids, or caputs).
  • Increases the rate at which skin separations or tears heal.
  • Increases the healing of your baby’s cord stump (may come off as early as 3-7 days). The more herb baths the sooner it will heal.


  • Uva-ursi – contains allantoin, which is a cell proliferant, it strengthens and tightens inflamed tissue, it decreases swelling, which makes it awesome for hemorrhoids. It decreases excessive blood loss. It decreases buildup of uric acid and helps fight infection in the female reproductive organs and urinary tract. It can be used as an astringent wash for cuts and scrapes.
  • Shepherd’s purse – excellent for preventing and controlling excessive bleeding by acting as a coagulant.  By helping to constrict blood vessels, good for hemorrhoids, contains vitamin K (blood clotting agent), and helps to stabilize blood pressure.
  • Comfrey – prevents excessive blood loss, contains allantoin, which is a cell proliferate (relieves and protect swollen tissue, tears). It is deep healing  for perineal muscles, soothes tissues and relaxes nerves.
  • Sea salt – contains naturally occurring trace minerals, it is antifungal, antimicrobial & acts as an antibiotic
  • Garlic – is antibacterial. Together garlic and salt make the bath solution aseptic.

*If you have any concerns regarding your skin’s reaction to the herb bath, please feel free to brew a cup of the tea and apply a small amount to your inner arm for approximately 10 minutes to test for a reaction.

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