Fathers/Significant Others


Dad & baby at Home4Birth GatheringBeing a parent is incredibly important!  Both to you, your baby to be and your significant other!


  • Preparing for Birth – reading, learning, coming to prenatal appointments and beginning to fall in love with this baby on the inside.
  • Changing your nutrition (eating well around your significant other)
  • Buckeling in and riding out the hormonal roller coaster of pregnancy
  • Supporting and Listening

During Birth:

  • Being your significant others main support person
  • Physically supporting
  • Emotionally Supporting
  • Being supportive of your significant other’s ability to birth your baby
  • Doing whatever she needs
  • Watching someone you love hurt


  • Enjoying your baby
  • Helping your significant other as she learns and your baby learn the art of nursing
  • Being supportive of the intensive early breastfeeding days




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