Prenatal Yoga Blog 8

January 11th, 2018

Happy New Year, yoga mamas!

I wanted to share a few thoughts on savasana (pronounced “sha-vah-sana,” and meaning “corpse pose” in ancient Sanskrit.)

It’s the last pose we do in our prenatal yoga practice, and arguably, the most important one. So how is that possible, since it is simply lying still and breathing deeply?

I didn’t get this at all when I first started practicing yoga. In fact, I actually walked out of class before savasana started.


I mean, why lie down for 5-10 minutes? I skipped it the first time I did prenatal yoga. I’ll rest at home, is what I told myself.

So next time, my instructor specifically asked me to try to stay for savasana. Her words: “It can be really hard to lie still with your thoughts. But you might be surprised about how much you’ll gain from it.”

I love a challenge, so I stayed, albeit somewhat reluctantly. And found that she was right. Sometimes savasana IS the hardest part of class. And it’s ALWAYS the most important part. Here’s why:

Savasana helps you absorb and “set” the physical benefits of every pose you just moved through. Physically, your body has a chance to reflect on all the beneficial postures it has just moved through before moving on to movement that’s a little more mindless, like walking or typing.

Mentally, those five minutes help you absorb both the energizing and relaxing benefits of your practice.

On top of sealing the benefits of your practice, savasana also ranks high on the list of great things you can do for your overall health and well-being. According to research, savasana has a stress-relieving effect on the body and brain. It may also help treat mild depression and insomnia, raise energy levels, get rid of headaches, and even lower blood pressure.

That means it’s good for you and your baby. You know what else?

Savasana is a fantastic way to kick-start the yogic idea of “letting stuff go,” or “let it be.” Just letting your thoughts ebb and flow without judging, shorting or scolding is great therapy.

So consider savasana a mini meditation for your overworked body; very calming and soothing; cathartic after the mental chaos of the day. Stick with it. Chances are good it will become the highlight of your class.



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